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Latest updates - even MORE keywords!

Latest updates - even MORE keywords! Today there were a few updates to the backend code on KeywordPredator which should make finding quality keywords even easier.

First of all the response when you enter a new keyword is generally much faster now, regardless of how many results there are. We've done a massive database update on half a billion keyword links and we've removed reliance on an external API so we have now more control.

Secondly, as a result of the shift to more reliance on our own database, you can now get many more results for each keyword (depending on the keyword of course!) - previously there was a maximum of 500 matches for each seed keyword. Now there is no limit and some keywords will return masses of results - for example have a look at "Anarchism" which returns about 1300 results now! I'm not sure why Anarchism has so many related keywords but if that's your niche you're in luck! There are many more like that with huge numbers of related keywords so you can now have hours of fun digging out those nuggets of gold.

Additionally there are a few minor interface tweaks - pagination of the results (needed now that there are potentially more results for each search), a search box on the results page so you don't have to jump back to the panel to start a new search, and a link to the Settings page has been added to the drop down menu at the top right corner (after you login) so it's a bit easier to find now.

That's all the news for now but stay tuned for more in the near future!