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Beta Feedback and Improvements

Beta Feedback and Improvements We've been getting some great feedback from beta users so far and as a result of that we've improved the keyword suggestions system for when a seed keyword or phrase is entered which returns no suggestions. 

We have many millions of keywords in our database and about half a billion keyword relations but still there are times when a seed doesn't return suggestion matches even though there are possibly related keywords which could be returned. The reason it doesn't return any in these situations is because there is simply no outbound link or relationship yet from the seed to the related keywords in the database. To work around this we've implemented a number of strategies which help find those relations through additional methods. 

We're always looking into ways to improve that and other aspects of the system so please do keep providing the great feedback so we know exactly what needs to be worked on. Stay tuned for some cool new features we're working on now and plan to release shortly!

Also please do spread the word - we're a free service so tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else!