Latest updates - even MORE keywords!

    Today there were a few updates to the backend code on KeywordPredator which should make finding quality keywords even easier.

    First of all the response when you enter a new keyword is generally much faster now, regardless of how many results there are. We've done a massive database update on half a billion keyword links and we've removed reliance on an external API so we have now more control.

    Secondly, as a result of the shift to more reliance on our own database, you can now get many more results for each keyword (depending on the keyword of course!) - previously there was a maximum of 500 matches for each seed keyword. Now there is no limit and some keywords will return masses of results - for example have a look at "Anarchism" which returns about 1300 results now! I'm not sure why Anarchism has so many related keywords but if that's your niche you're in luck! There are many more like that with huge numbers of related keywords so you can now have hours of fun digging out those nuggets of gold.

    Additionally there are a few minor interface tweaks - pagination of the results (needed now that there are potentially more results for each search), a search box on the results page so you don't have to jump back to the panel to start a new search, and a link to the Settings page has been added to the drop down menu at the top right corner (after you login) so it's a bit easier to find now.

    That's all the news for now but stay tuned for more in the near future!


    New Feature - iWriter Integration for Outsourced Content Production

    A handy new feature has just been added to Keyword Predator which makes it really simple to have articles written for you based on the keywords you find. 

    To use it you simply click the pencil icon in the Actions column which you will see on your main panel page. This opens a simple form where you can select some options such as how many words you want written, what type of writer you want to hire, the category and special instructions to make sure whoever takes on the task actually does what you want them to do. 

    Once the form is filled in just click the button and it is sent off to writers to work on and within a matter of hours you should have an article ready for you to publish! This magic happens through iWriter which is a marketplace for hiring writers and you can get great work done for a really bargain price and save yourself hours or days of work. Even better, you can decline articles which do not match your requirements so it is really risk free to use. 

    There's basically no limit to how many articles you can get written, no matter how many keywords you find you can now get articles for them all in far less time than you could ever do it yourself and it is pretty much effortless so you can instead focus your efforts on other important tasks and ultimately make more money by outsourcing and scaling up!

    Easter Keywords

    To get into the holiday spirit we've done a little keyword research on easter eggs and here's a small selection of the results below. You can also download them in a spreadsheet here.

    You can signup for a free account on Keyword Predator any time and then very easily generate your own keywords list like the one included here. There are hundreds, possibly thousands more related to Easter that are not included here and of course there are millions of keywords for other topics!

    Keyword | Interest | Search Volume | CPC | Ads Competition | Social Competition | Results | EMD | Difficulty
    easter Medium 165000 $0.27 Very Low Medium 161000000 NO Hard
    chocolate Medium 135000 $4.20 Medium Medium 198000000 NO Medium
    ash wednesday Medium 60500 $0.00 Very Low Medium 119000000 NO Hard
    good friday Low 60500 $0.62 Very Low Medium 2420000000 NO Medium
    easter bunny Low 40500 $0.28 Very Low Medium 216000000 NO Medium
    palm sunday Low 33100 $0.02 Very Low Medium 131000000 NO Hard
    last supper Very Low 22200 $0.60 Very Low Low 51700000 NO Hard
    easter egg Medium 14800 $0.69 Very Low Very Low 435000000 NO Medium
    easter egg hunt Very Low 12100 $0.15 Very Low Low 145000000 NO Easy
    shrove tuesday Medium 8100 $0.00 Very Low Medium 864000 NO Medium
    holy week Low 8100 $0.00 Very Low Medium 581000000 NO Hard
    easter basket Very Low 5400 $0.79 Very High Low 83400000 NO Easy
    resurrection of jesus Low 2900 $1.19 Low Medium 52400000 NO Medium
    holy sepulchre Low 2400 $0.09 Very Low Medium 1530000 NO Medium
    holy saturday Low 2400 $0.00 Very Low Medium 167000000 NO Medium
    easter vigil Low 1900 $0.00 Very Low Low 6340000 NO Medium
    holy fire Low 1300 $0.00 Very Low Medium 219000000 NO Medium
    easter egg roll Very Low 1300 $0.00 Very Low Medium 72000000 NO Medium
    good friday prayer Very Low 880 $0.00 Low Very Low 88100000 YES Very Easy
    ascension of jesus Low 880 $0.05 Very Low Medium 8360000 NO Medium
    easter egg tree Very Low 880 $0.39 Very High Very Low 81700000 NO Easy
    egg decorating Low 720 $0.00 Low Medium 39400000 NO Very Easy
    easter week Very Low 590 $0.00 Very Low Very Low 296000000 NO Medium
    chocolate egg Very Low 390 $0.14 Low Low 94700000 NO Very Easy
    great lent Low 210 $0.00 Very Low Low 24500000 NO Medium
    red easter eggs Low 140 $0.37 Low Medium 129000000 YES Easy
    decorated egg Very Low 40 $0.00 Low Very Low 8790000 YES Very Easy
    easter sepulchre Very Low 10 $0.00 Very Low Very Low 319000 YES Very Easy
    holy week procession Very Low 10 $0.00 Very Low Very Low 1640000 YES Easy

    Go easy on those easter eggs!

    Getting Started with Keyword Predator

    Using Keyword Predator is really quite simple once you get started but it helps to know how to get the best use out of it so you don't leave disappointed or waste too much time using it in a less efficient way. So read on for this getting started tutorial..

    First of all you must login, which you can do from the drop down form at the top right corner - this form will also contain other useful links after you login such as to the Settings page and to the Panel where you can see all the keywords/stats in your personal keyword database.

    After you login you will arrive at the main panel which shows a keyword search box and, as mentioned above, also shows all your previously researched keywords - naturally the first time you login it wont show any keywords, just the search box.

    For best results it is preferable to start with a broad keyword/phrase rather than some very long-tail phrase. Doing it this way should return many more suggestions. You should note that every keyword suggestion returned is also a link so you can then click it to drill down and search for even more suggestions based on that keyword.

    After you search and get a page of suggestions you will see there are three icons under the Actions column - the first one is just a link to a search on Google for that keyword so you can have a quick look at the results there, the second one does a domain availability search based on that keyword so you can see if there are any Exact Match Domains. 

    The third icon, the eye, is the most important one as by clicking that you are adding the keyword/phrase to your personal keyword database where it will be analysed in much more detail and it will appear on your main panel page showing all the new stats such as difficulty rating and more.

    Basically what you should do is scan through the list of suggestions and any that look interesting you add to your database by clicking that icon. You should keep drilling down through all the suggestions to get more and more and keep adding the good ones to your database so you will soon have a nice list of relevant keywords to analyse.

    Once you have finished searching and adding keywords you can return to your panel and see them all in a table, complete with a whole range of statistics to help you decide what to do with them. You can of course sort them in various ways such as by the amount of search traffic they have.

    As with the previous suggestions page, there are a number of icons under the Actions column. The first is to write an article - in other words it is just a shortcut to a service to get an article written based on this keyword. The second icon is a Google search and the third is a domain availability search. The fourth icon goes to an external service for an even more detailed analysis of the keyword, should you want to get more data.

      ** To get started with Keyword Predator right now - just go here - it's FREE! **

    Beta Feedback and Improvements

    We've been getting some great feedback from beta users so far and as a result of that we've improved the keyword suggestions system for when a seed keyword or phrase is entered which returns no suggestions. 

    We have many millions of keywords in our database and about half a billion keyword relations but still there are times when a seed doesn't return suggestion matches even though there are possibly related keywords which could be returned. The reason it doesn't return any in these situations is because there is simply no outbound link or relationship yet from the seed to the related keywords in the database. To work around this we've implemented a number of strategies which help find those relations through additional methods. 

    We're always looking into ways to improve that and other aspects of the system so please do keep providing the great feedback so we know exactly what needs to be worked on. Stay tuned for some cool new features we're working on now and plan to release shortly!

    Also please do spread the word - we're a free service so tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else!

    Keyword Predator BETA Launch

    We're pleased to announce the launch of our public beta!

    Keyword Predator is a free keyword research, suggestion and brainstorming tool which is entirely web based so you can use it on any platform. We have millions of keywords in our database which is free to search and we also integrate with a number of other services to collect data which we then crunch up with our own data to provide a comprehensive keyword analysis.

    The registration form will today be opened up for beta signups - it is FREE so please give it a try and let us know what you think - all constructive feedback welcome! We can be reached through the contact page.

    Do remember though that this is a beta version so expect the occasional bug or slowness but we're working fast now on rolling out the updates!

    Start Here!